Friday, January 23, 2009

Well 2009 is here

I have not felt like sitting here and doing this but will today. Christmas was great my sister did a great job of organising it. There were 18 for lunch and dinner. It was strange not having the grandparents there but we did go and visit them after lunch. Which was good. It was good having petes parents here and not having to travel.

New years was great had our good friends Sam and Gareth and their kids come over for just a relaxing start to 2009.

Have been busy over the holidays, Been to dinosaur sandcastles in frankston, shopping, seen show at shopping centre, Rebecca went to the ballet, parks, beaches , to the races and just relaxing.

Hard to believe the holidays are nearlly over I start my offical babysitting duties next wednesday. I will be looking after my nephew Cooper fulltime. Which I am looking forward to.

Well Rebecca starts 4 year old kinder and David in grade one. I think we have a good year in front of us.

We will have a move which will be pretty big for all of us. Hopefully nothing else to major. Hope your 2009 is a good one.

Take care