Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life is busy

Been awhile since last post and so many things have happened. where do I start?

My grandpa started and finished his radiotherapy. Saw him on the weekend just gone and he loked tired but otherwise not too bad.

Saw Lisa Williams which was a great night. Sam and I didn't have anybody come through but was still good night.

Cooper my nephew turned one. His party was a great day catching up with lots of family and friends.

The school hoildays have been and gone. So we are into term 2. Kids club starts for Rebecca on the 1st of May. Which is a little scary.

Started organising mums 60th which is on the 22nd May we are hopefully having photos taken on the weekend for her present if the weather allows, fingers crossed.

Found out this week that we have to move haven't got the offical letter yet but from offical letter we will have 60 days. So we are in the process of working out if will be better to rent again or buy. Hopefully will have someone come out and talk to us and discuss.

My sister Melinda and her partner bought a house which is exciting. They move at the end of may.
Not sure when I'll get a chance to write again might be after we move.
So until then take care of you and the ones you love.

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