Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hard to believe that it;s almost March

Where have the last two months gone. Hard to believe tomorrow is the 1st of March. Then my birthdaybeing only 3 sleeps away. Tomorrow Sam and I are doing the lilydale lake 4km Run/walk again and are going to try and better our times of 40 plus minutes last year.

Been busy with school and kinder which I think is making time fly.

Health concerns for a few people in my family making me feel a little down. Then my health concerns so went to docotrs and I had some tests. One more test to rule out everything hopefully. Then I will be able to relax again and feel more like ME.

I felt my blog needed another design change. As they say a change is as good as a holiday.

Well then kids have both settled into Kinder and school. David took a little bit more time but is finally feeling good. He got a pupil of the week a couple of weeks ago for persisting with difficult tasks. Which was a good booster for his confidence.

My sister and her partner have been looking at houses. They were having a second look at one today.

Sam and I got tickets to LISA WILLIAMS which I am really looking forward to. She is a medium Clairvoyant you can visit her site here

I am doing a 52 question Challenge from Emily Falconbridge and am a little behind. Hve done three. But when she post the questions I answer them then and then use that answer on the tag. Really enjoying it.

Well Peter is taking the kids shopping today to get my birthday present which I think is very cool. The fact the kids asked him was cute.

Scrapped some layouts the other week to send off to be made into albums to give to people who lost everything in the Victorian Bushfires. I did a boy page and a girl page. Will upload them too.

Ok well I am going to try and do this more often. For my self like a diary.

Have a good week and take care of YOU. :-D
Will try and upload photos to computer today and take some of the tags have done so far.

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