Friday, March 6, 2009

A little Sad today

I found out today that my grandpa has prostrate cancer well he has actually had it for about 10 years but its been kept in check. In the last year or so has been having problems. Well he went to the specialist last week and he spoke about radiation. So he went to Peter Mac yesterday and he has to get a cat scan and bone scan next week to make sure the cancer isn't anywhere else before they start the radiation. And then he might have radiation for 4 weeks a couple of times a week or 2 weeks of 5 days a week of radiation. But will know more next week after the scans. He has been going down hill since he had a fall and broke his shoulder a couple of years ago. But he is doing alright for 90. His is lucky that he has a gold vetrerans card so he can get into Peter Mac pretty much straight away once everything organised where as there is 3 months waits at other places and the oncoligist said we can't wait that long. Well i will write more when I know more.
Take care

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